HF 45.10 S 80
S1:1900 W


Oil-air min-1 80.000

Grease min-1 60.000

Max.-Speed min-1 90.000


Power S6-40% W 1.300

S1-100% W 1.000

Speed S6-40% Ncm 20,8

S1-100% Ncm 16,0


Power S6-40% W 2.500

S1-100% W 1.900

Speed S6-40% Ncm 38,0

S1-100% Ncm 29,0

Qty. of bearings 4




(B)BT / SK B -

Collet S ER11 (max. 7,0mm)

Collet MEGA U 6S (max. 6,05mm)

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 45

Spindle length mm 185,1

Spindle weight kg 1,3

Motor voltage / Poles V 200 / 2

Spindle cooling ~O~ / 28°C

Options P / U

Encoder V OpenLoop

The water cooled motorspindle HF/HT 45.10 S 80 reaches high speed at high power. Die motorspindle is avaliable either with asynchronous or synchronous motor.
The spindle is standard built with an ER11 collet system, which allows to clamp shaft diametres up to 7mm. For high accuracy applications we recommend the MEGA-6S collet system - 1µm in the cone / 3µm at 4xD.
The motorspindle is also available without cooling (HF 45.10 S 60) with reduced speed and power. Even more speed you can reach with the synchronous motorspindle HT 45 S 140.