HT 25.1 S 100
S1:280 W


Oil-air min-1 60.000

Grease min-1 60.000

Max.-Speed min-1 -


Power S6-40% W 364

S1-100% W 280

Speed S6-40% Ncm 6,5

S1-100% Ncm 5,0

Qty. of bearings 3




(B)BT / SK B -

Collet S ER8

Collet MEGA U 3S (max. 3,25mm)

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 25 / 25,4

Spindle length mm 118,0

Spindle weight kg 0,300

Motor voltage / Poles V

Spindle cooling --- / max. 60°C

Options E / P / U

Encoder V OpenLoop

The stronger synchronous motor with the power of 364W increases torque about 30%. The 25mm cylindrical housing makes it possible to install the motorspindle on cutting and turning centres as well as on automatic lathes, in medical or micron technologies. It is either used for Grinding, Cutting, Micro-Drilling and Engraving, in tool and mold making or in production of optical and micronical parts.
The selectable MEGA-3S collet system allows a runout less then 1µm in the cone and max. 3µm at 4xD. 
Optionally there are 90° connectors and housing extensions available.
The optimized IBAG converter guarantees a trouble-free application. The motorspindle can be controlled either manual or by the CNC of the machine.