HF 360 AI 7
S1:100.0 kW


Oil-air min-1 7.000

CC-Grease min-1 -

Grease min-1 -


Power S6-40% kW 130,0

S1-100% kW 100,0

Speed S6-40% Nm 1280,0

S1-100% Nm 985,0

Qty. of bearings 5


HSK K A100


(B)BT / SK B 50

Capto Y -

Collet S -

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 360

Spindle length mm 988

Spindle weight kg 345

Motor voltage / Poles V

Spindle cooling ~O~ 28°C

Options B-F-G-H-I-I3-K-Mn-P-V-W

Encoder V CloseLoop


All spindle parts are hardened and ground for a high spindle lifetime. Joining elements are inherently safe and force-fit with ground threads. The shaft and all rotating parts are balanced less G1 for best vibration result (< 1mm/s). The water cooling through the spindle housing up to the spindle nose guarantees a constant operating temperature. The rear ball bearing package is installed in a bearing bush for thermal compensation to the spindle end. For high axial stiffness and damping the rear bearing package and bearing bush are pre forced with springs. A concentric and axial runout less 1µm assures high process quality. Grease-packed ball bearings with close bearing cages to keep the grease at the balls. No uncontrolled maintaining necessary. Ball bearings for higher speed are either lubricated with minimum quantity oil-air lubrication or direct-bearing lubrication for less consumption and less friction. All HF or HT motors are equipped with winding protection and give highest performance with less lost effect. A motor thermistor (KTY or PTC) is standard and avoids a motor overheating. Air seal and a labyrinth seal provide a sufficient protection against dirt and humidity in the spindle.

Many optional monitoring systems for process surveillance are available.