HT 170.15 A 17 HP
S1:40.0 kW


Oil-air min-1 -

CC-Grease min-1 -

Grease min-1 10.000


Power S6-40% kW 52,0

S1-100% kW 40,0

Speed S6-40% Nm 99,3

S1-100% Nm 76,4

Qty. of bearings 5




(B)BT / SK B -

Capto Y -

Collet S -

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 170

Spindle length mm 629

Spindle weight kg 70

Motor voltage / Poles V

Spindle cooling ~O~ / 28°C

Options F-G-H-I-I3-Mn-P-V-W

Encoder V CloseLoop / Encoder

The motorspindle HT 170.15 A 17 HP is one of the most strongest 170mm motorspindle. The synchronous motor technology, the 5 ceramic-hybrid ball bearings and the HSK-A80 tool interface make a motorspindle possible which is suitable for heavy cutting industries like automobile-, aerospace-, ship- and cast-industry. With springs preloaded shaft and the ball cage for the rear ball bearing provide an optimized damping. The grease packed bearings with closed bearing cages are suitable for 3-shift-working. No uncontrolled lubrication for the bearings is necessary. The water cooled housing and a cooled rear bearing package give an optimized cooling. Sensors like Encoder and ATC sensor, even with an additional piston monitoring are standard. Optional process monitoring systems are available.
All spindle parts are hardened and grinded. All connection parts like labyrinth, nuts and sensor disc do have grinded threads for best accuracy and stability. In case of maintenance all parts can be disassembled and reused. During testrun on our testfield the spindle is balanced. High axial runout with less 1µm is standard.