HF 62.10 A 80 P
S1:1.0 kW


Oil-air min-1 -

CC-Grease min-1 -

Grease min-1 80.000


Power S6-40% kW 1,3

S1-100% kW 1,0

Speed S6-40% Nm 0,15

S1-100% Nm 0,12

Qty. of bearings 3 / 4




(B)BT / SK B -

Capto Y -

Collet S P9 (max. 6,0mm)

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 61.9

Spindle length mm 239,5

Spindle weight kg 3,7

Motor voltage / Poles V

Spindle cooling ~O~ / 28°C

Options P

Encoder V OpenLoop

The water cooled motorspindle HF 62.10 A 80 P is a SilverEdition type. It combines modern technology with a strong cost/performance ratio. The P9 direct shaft clamping system clamps tools with 50kg force. Alternatively the spindle can either be build water cooled with a strong S1: 1,0kW asynchronous motor, or with a economically priced S1: 0,750 kW asynchronous motor. The optional Tool-Package includes additionally a tool holding force up 80kg, quadruple ball bearings and a tool arrester in the spindle shaft.