HF 60.1 S 60
S1:1.3 kW


Oil-air min-1 70.000

CC-Grease min-1 70.000

Grease min-1 60.000


Power S6-40% kW 1,7

S1-100% kW 1,3

Speed S6-40% Nm 0,27

S1-100% Nm 0,21

Qty. of bearings 4




(B)BT / SK B -

Capto Y ER 16 (≤ 10.0mm)

Collet S -

Grinding arbor D M10 / Ø11

Spindle Ø mm 60

Spindle length mm 216,5

Spindle weight kg 3,7

Motor voltage / Poles V 220 / 2

Spindle cooling ~O~ / 28°C

Options P - V

Encoder V optional


The 60mm motor spindle with 230V motor and collet tool interface ER16 assures high quality. The quadruple bearing arrangement with ceramic hybrid ball bearings, a runout of 1µm and the labyrinth system at the spindle front guarantee a process reliability. The rear ball bearing package is installed in a bearing bush for thermally extension compensation. It is preload by springs for higher axial stiffness. The water cooled spindle housing assures a constant temperature, even during long-term work. All spindle parts are hardened and ground. All rotating parts are balanced less G1 at max. speed. The spindle is balanced during testrun (48h) on our own testfield. All functions will be prooved and reported.

Alternatively the motor spindle is available with grinding arbor interface as HF 60.1 D 60.