HT 16 S 100
S1:160 W


Oil-air min-1 80.000

Grease min-1 60.000

Max.-Speed min-1 100.000


Power S6-40% W 208

S1-100% W 160

Speed S6-40% Ncm 2,5

S1-100% Ncm 1,9

Qty. of bearings 3




(B)BT / SK B -

Collet S D6 ( ≤ 3,175mm)

Collet MEGA U -

Grinding arbor D -

Spindle Ø mm 16 / 17 / 18

Spindle length mm 110,3

Spindle weight kg 0,150

Motor voltage / Poles V

Spindle cooling --- / max. 60°C

Options P

Encoder V OpenLoop

Smallest IBAG motorspindle.
The synchronous motor technology realizes a thin and powerful (>200W) motorspindle. The 16mm cylindrical housing is the best opportunity to install the motorspindle on small and micro machines. It can be used for Grinding, Cutting, Micro-Drilling and Engraving.
The optimized IBAG converter guarantees a trouble-free application. The motorspindle can be controlled either manual or by the CNC of the machine.